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Wald in Deutschland

Do you need an officially certified translation (German into English) of your personal documents (birth certificate, driver licence, certificates, resumés etc.)?

I am a NAATI Certified Translator and will translate your personal documents promptly and reliably from German into English. You will receive the translation with an official stamp of certification. 
German words

General and academic

Contact me about translations of a range of non-fiction texts from German into English – for a general or academic readership. Should you require translation of a highly specialised text in a field that does not match my experience, I will suggest that you seek someone who is a better match for the task. 

My Priorities

Accuracy, and integrity to your purpose and your text (style, register, context).

Click here for an example of a translation I have completed. 

Revision of translations

Make sure a translation – done by a different translator – is as elegant and close to the original as it can be. Ask The Elegant Owl about revising a translation. 

The revision of a translation is a form of quality control and a staple tool of professional translation services. A second translator of the same language pair checks a translation against the source text to ensure it is accurate, consistent and fit for purpose, correcting where necessary.  

As a Certified Translator with NAATI (German into English) and an Accredited Editor with the Institute of Professional Editors Ltd (IPEd), I bring a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience to the revision of translations from German into English. 

Read more about my experience and qualifications...

What does translation cost?

Translation charges are calculated per 100 words in the target language, English. Depending on the degree of difficulty involved in the translation, my rate varies from AUD 23.00 to AUD 26.00 per 100 words.

For this reasonable price you benefit from the skills of a translator and editor all rolled into one.

For translating some official documents I charge a set fee. Please contact me to find out more.